Oriental Rug Cleaning

by Boca Raton Carpet Cleaners


Boca Raton Carpet Cleaning Company cleans:


  • Oriental Area Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Wool or Synthetic Rugs
  • Custom Made Area Rugs


Vacuuming with powerful vacuum removes deep down allergens and loose dirt from your rugs.


 Pre Spot Treatment is the most important step to get out those hard to remove stains. This Pre-treatment allows the cleaning agent to start working before scrubbing begins to maximize the cleaning effect. Pre-spotting  treats each difficult stain by hand before deep scrubbing begins to ensure their effective removal.


For natural fibers - cold water extraction or foam brush cleaning treatment - our hand brush method gently lifts away dirt without damaging your valuable Oriental rugs. Then it is followed by powerful extraction of dirt from your rugs. Our safe effective technique cleans your rug while bringing back shine and beauty of the natural fibers.


 For synthetic fibers  we recommend dry cleaning mist method when a safe but effective cleaning agent applied to your rug with a minimum of water so that your rug is effectively cleaned but at the same time will not be damaged by over saturation


  For most of todays synthetic rugs deep scrubbing system is recommended. It uses rotary bonnet cleaning to get in between the fibers of your rug and get out all the ground in dirt and stains, leaving it fresh and clean.


 Deodorizer Treatment eliminates any stale odors that accompany dirt buildup and some stains. This treatment leaves your rug smelling as clean and fresh as it will look after our service! (Eliminates light odors only. For strong odors like pet urine and smoke ask about our special treatments.)


 Fringe Cleaning to whiten stained or yellowed fringes.


Boca Raton Area Rug Cleaners hand fringe cleaning using upholstery cleaning equipment gives that finishing touch and attention to detail that will make your Oriental area rug look like new!


 Scotch Guard Treatment forms a barrier on the surface of your rug preventing liquids from penetrating and soaking in. This gives you a chance to clean up stains before they damage your rugs, which keeps them looking better longer and maintains their value. It will not change the color or texture and will increase the life of your area rug.