Boca Raton Carpet Cleaning


At Boca Raton Carpet Cleaners we offer the most up-to-date cleaning equipment and advanced, safe for people and animals carpet cleaning chemicals and techniques. We always use customized cleaning method and cleaning agents that carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend.


Our Carpet Cleaning Company offers a variety of services:

  • Low moisture dry carpet cleaning
  • Foam carpet cleaning extraction
  • Bonnet carpet cleaning with pads
  • Hot water extraction also known as "steam cleaning"
  • Carpet Shampooing by rotary brushes
  • Pet stain and pet odor removal
  • Enzymatic cleaning of carpets
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Complete disinfection and sanitization



Boca Raton Carpet Cleaning uses only environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products and solutions. Our carpet cleaning experts technicians are using the most modern methods and equipment. We provide expert services of high quality and low prices.


If you need a single carpet cleaning, seasonal cleaning of carpet or regular maintenance of your carpet, we will provide expert and professional service. Call Now (561) 749-0000 to order carpet cleaning in your home or apartment.


Our team is available around the clock, 24/7 to answer your questions and take your order. water damage restoration company.


For most of today manufactured carpets we recommend low moisture cleaning.


Dry carpet cleaning is very effective, dirt, stains and the smell are guaranteed to be removed.


Dry clean system is the best way to clean delicate rugs and carpets. We use modern methods and technology for the highest quality dry cleaning at a reasonable price. Dry cleaning uses low moisture and deep cleans carpets and rugs, restoring the fresh state, without risk of damage or discoloration.


Our team of professionals uses the best recommended equipment for dry clean method and provides a quick and satisfactory results when cleaning your carpet. Your satisfaction is our first task. If you have questions about dry method, you can call: (561) 749-0000. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule our visit.


The extraction carpet cleaning with very hot water is sometimes called "steam cleaning".


The extraction carpet cleaning with hot water is done by our experts using the most modern methods and equipment. Extraction cleaning with hot water effectively removes spills and deep stains from the carpet, and restores the new, fresh, clean look of your home carpets and rugs.

The extraction cleaning is safe, quick and efficient. It uses hot water, safe cleaning chemicals and detergents sprayed at high pressure to saturate the stained, dirty carpet prior to removal of accumulated debris.


Cleaning with hot steam is much more efficient than most other methods for cleaning carpets. But it has to be used by expert technicians because of the risk of carpet over wetting. Our team of professionals will quickly and efficiently steam clean your carpets in one visit. To check our prices for steam cleaning or if you have questions about cleaning carpets and rugs with steam, contact us by phone (561)749-0000 for more information.


Deep cleaning of carpets for heavy soiled rugs.


Professional deep cleaning removes the most stubborn stains from your rugs and carpets. This cleaning method is fast, safe and effective. In just one visit our specialists will recover the look of your carpet using the most suitable chemicals and equipment for this method.


Deep cleaning is done deep to the backing of the carpet and it is very effective in removing dirt, allergens and other pollutants generated by mold. Deep cleaning is environmentally friendly and is effective and safe for most types of rugs, carpets, flooring and furniture when done according to the manufacturers specifications.


For more information about our services including carpet cleaning, stain removing, deodorizing, disinfecting, stain protectant - please contact us at: (561) 749-0000  Boca Raton Carpet Cleaners.

Need a job done in a hurry? We provide same day service if you call us before 1 PM.